Wannabe Oprah!

Welcome to the section I like to call Real Talk. All my life I’ve been more of a ‘cut the crap’ kind of girl. I also have a tendency to get super emo really quickly. I bet you’ll find yourself reading something on the blog and saying “Whoaaa! That escalated quickly!” But it’s okay, you’ll get used to me. And you may even like the plain speak. Who knows? I could be your agony aunt. I’d love that, you know. I watched way too many episodes of Oprah as a child. She’s my ultimate icon. If I can achieve even a smidgen of that through this teeny tiny space that my blog takes up on the internet, I’d be super thrilled!

So…umm…what was I talking about again?

(So much for being Oprah!)


Image Courtesy: tumblr

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