30 Things You Should Stop Doing By The Time You’re 30

Real Girl 30

As I approach this new decade with great trepidation (based on everything I’ve heard) – I decided to take a look at all things I’m supposed to stop doing by the time I turn 30. 

  1. Stop wearing tube tops…

Inside a normal top to hide that cleavage. F that. Celebrate what your mama gave ya!

Real Girl 30

Gayatri Thampi, 29, Founder – GAIA Bespoke


  1. Stop wearing too much makeup…

When you’re not in the mood. Girl, you don’t owe anybody a made up face. You wear makeup when you *want* to wear makeup.


Real Girl 30

Sonam Sule, 30, Luxury Brand Manager



  1. Stop using common expletives in daily language

Because you’re a queen and you should be using fancy ones instead!

Real Girl 30

Tanvi Mishra, 29, Writer + Translator



  1. Stop saying no…

When you really want to say yes. To life, to newer experiences, and to ditching your comfort zone.

Real Girl 30

Pooja Thakur, 31, Founder – The Traveling Trunk


  1. Stop talking about menstruation…

In hushed tones. If your stomach hurts like the titanic is sinking in there, feel free to complain about it.



  1. Stop working too hard

To impress people who probably don’t deserve it.


Real Girl 30

Sanjana Chowhan, 29, Multimedia Journalist + Author


  1. Stop partying every weekend

Because weeknights should NOT be ignored, okay? They’ll feel bad plus the club is probably less crowded on a weekday.


Real Girl 30

Tanisha Deshpande, 30, Relationship Manager – LinkedIn


  1. Stop laughing out too loud

At jokes that are basically unfunny. If it has a sexist undertone, feel free to stare blank faced at the person who attempted ‘the joke’.

Real Girl 30

Ria Bhatnagar, 29, Founder – Beyond Routine


  1. Stop having casual sex

Yup, have formal sex for a change. Say ‘please’, ‘thank you’, and don’t forget to curtsy in between intercourse.


Real Girl 30


  1. Stop sharing too many selfies on social media

Intersperse them with anecdotes and interesting articles you found. That along with the selfies will get you better traction on social media. Promise!

Real Girl 30

Palki Malhotra, 28, VP – Plixxo Powered By POPxo


  1. Stop eating cake for breakfast

Ration it out and eat it for every meal as often as you can. Because cake is bae. Or wait, is it cae?


  1. Stop wearing loud colours…

When you want to wear pastels. Yes, NEWSFLASH! You can, in fact, wear white to a wedding. It looks classy AF.


Real Girl 30

Nausheen Merchant, 30, Marketing Planner – Nordstrom


  1. Stop doing shots…

When you really want to be nursing a drink (or ten). Do what makes you happy. Peg size immaterial.


Real Girl 30

Sonia Notani, 36, Chief Strategy Officer At A Well Known Life Insurance Company


  1. Stop taking risks

That you don’t feel like taking. You don’t owe recklessness or safety measures to anyone but your own self.

Real Girl 30

Tulika Mehrotra, 29, Manager – Sony Music India


  1. Stop talking to men apart from your husband

Don’t just talk. Cultivate friendships. Work alongside them. Indulge in creative collaborations. Take advice from them. Give them yours too. It’s called normalcy. Strive for it.


  1. Stop using protection

Because 30 means babies, right? Wrong! Or right? Do what you and your uterus feel like doing. No one gets to tell you what to do. Use protection for your ears though because unsolicited advice is neither wanted nor needed.

Real Girl 30

Swapna Pratap Jathan, 32, Brand Services Director – FCB Ulka


  1. Stop feeling ambitious

What? Allowed to feel at 30? Charming idea!

Real Girl 30

Neha Sahu, 30, Co-founder – Just For Kicks


  1. Stop dancing to sexy songs at Sangeets

Please fax over the list of unsexy songs just so we know which ones qualify. And that’s right, I said fax – something as outdated as your thoughts.


Real Girl 30

Chitra Balachandran, 32, Fitness Coach and Influencer – thebellyrinadiaries.com


  1. Stop going unwaxed…

Don’t bother going at all. That’s right. If someone has the audacity to pass a comment on your body hair, then they honestly don’t deserve the pleasure of your company.


  1. Stop wearing mini skirts…

When you really want to wear shorts. Go for it girl, we all know shorts are more comfy!


Real Girl 30

Nimoli Shah, 31, Marketing & PR Head – ASB Consultancy


  1. Stop eating outside food. Cook everyday.

 That’s a great opinion. Can I eat it? Because I’m hella hungry and used to eating junk – all the damn time.

Real Girl 30

Eesha Singh, 29, Consumer Business Head – No Footprints


  1. Stop being on dating apps to meet men

When you really want to meet women instead. Love wins. Always. Whether we are 13, 30, or 103.


Real Girl 30

Gayatri, Smriti, Tanvi (L-R) Celebrating Love At The Gay Pride Parade, 2017, Bombay


  1. Stop being vocal about your problems

Because being frustrated and passive aggressive did a whole lot of good to generations before us.

Real Girl 30

Vidhi Goel, 29, Co-Founder – Kaam Dekho Naam Nahi


  1. Stop dressing like a teenager

You mean wear clothes that we feel like wearing without giving a damn about what the world thinks? Yeah, we’d like to stick to that plan for life!


Real Girl 30

Shikha Talsania, 32, Actor & Doodler


  1. Stop crying

Would you like to confiscate my tear glands too? Along with my freedom of expression and will to live?


  1. Stop indulging in cheap talk

You mean saying anything with the words sex, boobs, penis, fucking, porn or any innuendo in it?

Yeah, not going to happen!


  1. Stop having crushes

On men who don’t deserve an iota of your affection. Ugh!

Real Girl 30

Nikita Sawant, 30, Senior Graphic Designer – Changing Sky


  1. Stop arguing with trolls

Totally agree it’s a waste of time. But you see, having a voice sometimes comes with the responsibility of using it…against people who need to be told to get a life.

Real Girl 30

Dipti Doshi, 31, Co-founder – IdeaHub


  1. Stop championing feminism

Wanting gender equality well past our sell-by date? How preposterous of us!

 Real Girl 30


  1. Stop existing

Well, we do. All of us do. And we matter. So boo-fucking-hoo world. Get used to this crop of bold, sassy, wiseass, smart, creative, intelligent, nurturing, ambitious women who probably, most likely, say ‘Fuck’ an awful lot. Try and STOP us.


Real Girl 30

Smriti Notani, 30, Founder and Blogger-in-chief – RealGirl


I turn 30 years old today. That’s three decades on this planet and three million rules for us girls to follow. I realised that I was getting sucked into believing that life should and does change once a girl reaches the BIG 3-0. So I reached out to the best, most inspiring girls I know and asked them if they’ll show solidarity in turning these rubbish notions on their head. I was elated when they complied and expected nothing lesser from these go-getters. 🙂

Some of you have paved the way for me to follow and some will follow me. That’s how change transpires. Call me optimistic, but I’m just making a real effort to change this terribly conventional world one sassy post at a time. For I believe with every fibre of my being that we women are truly amazing, and together we are invincible – age no bar!  #RealGirlsRock










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