13 Real Things Every Girl Goes Through In An Office Washroom

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I was feeling kind of nostalgic lately and it got me thinking of the good old days when I’d work in an office and clock in daily hours. The office space, the politics, the friendships, the camaraderie, the colleagues, and the washrooms – yup, you read that right – I said washrooms. If you work or have worked in any office, ever, you’ll know that the office washroom is a space where a lot transpires. Here’s a legit list of things known to happen in every office washroom!

  1. That awkward moment when you’re gossiping with your office bestie in the washroom, and your boss or someone senior walks in.

*Awkward Silence Ensues*

Real Girl x Kimberly Clark

  1. That horrific moment when you’re done doing your business and you realize there’s no toilet paper.

Can’t even call out to someone to bring it to you. TBH, it’s what you really want to do!

Real Girl x Kimberly Clark

  1. That awful moment when you really just need to cry so you make a dash for the washroom and just hope against hopes that it’s empty so no one is there to witness your outburst.We’ve *all* been there!

Real Girl x Kimberly Clark

  1. That annoying moment when the washroom stall is dirty!

Umm, it’s called a flush people. Why the eff can’t you use it?!

Real Girl x Kimberly Clark

  1. The very next moment when you wonder who the hell was using it before you?

The Vice President of the company? *Gasp*

Real Girl x Kimberly Clark

  1. That extremely gross moment when girls are getting ready in the washroom and there’s hair all over the bathroom floor and sink.

Sorry to even include this point but it’s so damn gross and you all know it happens!

Real Girl x Kimberly Clark

  1. That absolutely frustrating moment when the holder runs out of liquid soap!

Why God, Whyyyy?!

Real Girl x Kimberly Clark

  1. That catastrophic moment when you are running super late and walk into the washroom first to avoid your boss.

Of course Murphy’s law absolutely ensures you bump into her there! Of course.

Real Girl x Kimberly Clark

  1. That awful moment when you and your office bestie are gossiping about someone and they walk out from inside the bathroom stall.

You’ve never felt shitter – all puns intended!

Real Girl x Kimberly Clark

  1. Speaking of poop, that extremely real moment when you absolutely need to just go for it at work.

You stress about people knowing why you’re taking so damn long.

Real Girl x Kimberly Clark

  1. Not to mention the moment that follows when you realize the stink is real.

Where’s the damn air freshener when you need one, right?!

Real Girl x Kimberly Clark

  1. That deceptive moment when you reach office early in the morning and the washroom looks like that of a five star hotel.

Wish you could say the same for the end of the day though. Public loo, much? *SMH*

Real Girl x Kimberly Clark

  1. That hilarious moment when you’re checking yourself out, (hair flips, hand on hips, pouty lips, et al) and someone suddenly walks in and startles you!

Umm, I was just…you know…adjusting my top. Teehee!

Real Girl x Kimberly Clark


Do you relate to this at all? I feel like an office washroom and its hygiene quotient forms an integral part of your daily work life. Whether it’s catching some ‘Me Time’ before important meetings or flushing down nervousness before presentations, it’s an important place (and that’s putting it mildly) that we totally take for granted. Shout out to all the staff that works tirelessly to keep ‘em washrooms clean despite us humans being such disgusting creatures, no? 🙂



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