Eating Out in Bandra: Mini Review of Kitchen Garden

Real Girl Reviews Kitchen Garden

Very often I eat out at new places but don’t end up reporting back to you guys. That’s not because I’m lazy (Ok Smriti, tell yourself that) but because I’m not sure trying out one or two things constitutes as a review. As I’ve mentioned to you before, these are not paid reviews and I can’t just order everything on the menu! So I keep thinking I’ll go back to the place and then do a more detailed review – but that never really works out!

So I’ve decided to report back on restaurants that I try out, irrespective of it not being comprehensive. I’ll just give you my honest (obvs!) first impression. I’ll tell you what I thought about the vibe, the crowd, the service, and the food.

Let me know what you think of this idea?

Meanwhile, let me begin with Kitchen Garden by Suzette in Bandra.

Real Girl Reviews Kitchen Garden

Real Girl Reviews Kitchen Garden

So this one’s been on my list for a while because a friend had recommended it. Only problem? I’m not a huge fan of overpriced organic food that may or may not be tasty. (You know I’ll always say it as it is!)

This weekend, I managed to drag myself out on a sunny Saturday to go check the place out finally.

My first impression is that it’s hella cute! It’s pastel colours and garden vibe fit right in with my relaxed weekend mood. It was full inside so my friend and I had to wait out for a few minutes. But they were very quick to arrange a table for us, and very courteous while we waited too.

Real Girl Reviews Kitchen Garden

Real Girl Reviews Kitchen Garden

The crowd here is as hipster as it gets. I spotted expats and celebrity designers, and lot more model-types I wouldn’t know the name of. Everyone was lounging about in linens and whites, sans makeup. I don’t know why this information is important to you. But I’m trying to paint a picture here – so stay with me!

The menu has only organic food with an array of options like salads, sandwiches, soups, desserts, and juices. Needless to say, it’s limiting for a vegetarian but both of us found things we’d like to try.

You have to go up to the counter yourself and place your order, which I feel is a little contrary to the relaxed vibe of the place. You know? The whole decide what you want and then stand in line to order – doesn’t fit the scenario. Or maybe I’m just being lazy. Very, very likely.

The food arrived soon and was very Instagram worthy, if I might add! My Greek salad looked (and tasted) super fresh. It had a giant block of feta cheese – perhaps the best I’ve ever had. The salad was deceptively large and pretty filling on the whole. My friend’s red bean hummus sandwich was delicious too! I’d rate the restaurant very high on taste and quality.


Real Girl Reviews Kitchen Garden


Real Girl Reviews Kitchen Garden



The prices are on the higher side though. My salad came up to Rs 400 after taxes. This also explains the very eclectic and well behaved crowd; it is obviously attracting a certain demographic.

Personally, I liked the place. Nice addition to the hood. I will go back for some berry panna cotta that I had to forgo because I was feeling full. I’m one of those people who feels very accomplished when I eat a healthy meal. I also feel superior to other people for that one day. True Story! (Real Girl Fun Fact #461))

So, to summarize, I’ll go back – but not when I have more month left at the end of my money!

Real Girl Reviews Kitchen Garden

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