Diwali 2017: Welcome To My Home


Hiiii lovelies, I know it’s been a long absence from this space and I would love to go into the what/why/how but today is Diwali! It’s a day of new beginnings. Lord Ram didn’t come back home to Ayodhya to hear a bunch of excuses, amirite? LOL

I’ve been quite pumped about this Diwali so I thought I’ll give you a sneak peak of my decked up new home and some other things while I’m at it. Hope you have a lovely day and shine on like a Sindhi aunty at a Kitty Party! Or like Beyonce. Or both. Oooh, imagine that.  [Read more…]

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I Reviewed A Book And Accepted My Old Age!




Hi lovers, I’m back with that section which I just now realize has started to form a distinct pattern. First, I marvel at how fast the year is passing by  (we are already on our 8th Monthly Favourites Edition of the year!) Then, I make an excuse for either shopping or not shopping too much; and after that I hastily begin to describe what I ate, shopped, bought, liked the last month. Not that I’m complaining – I kinda love doing this every month. 🙂 So let’s look at ze goodies, shall we?

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#RealGirlsRock: In Conversation With Blogger Turned Tarot Reader Zohra Shanti (Karishma Rajani)

Have you ever read your horoscope somewhere, found it freakishly accurate, proceeded to get creeped out and then wondered who comes up with such stuff? Well that makes two of us, sister!

So when I got the chance to talk to Zohra Shanti (Karishma Rajani), tarot reader who writes daily horoscopes, former fashion blogger and writer at Cosmopolitan magazine, I was more than excited! There’s been nothing like this on the blog before; heck, I don’t think there’s been anyone like her before! I’m just so truly fascinated by all that she is and I wanted to know more about her journey. Her real girl vibe made this interview all the more endearing. I’ve asked her every last doubt I had, and she has patiently indulged me! Read and devour – there’s also a happy surprise at the end.  [Read more…]

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Real Girl Loves: The Fashion Edit


Did you miss me? Consider this the July Favourites post since we are well into August and I haven’t done one yet. Also, I missed doing a June Favourites post – you can find out why here.

I’ve been a bit of a spend thrift lately, and have lots of new things to show you. Some you might have already spotted on my Instagram – but we are both going to pretend like this is brand new information. Right? Right!

Courtesy: tumblr

PS: I’m going to be…well, me, and tell you right here that since I’m not a fashion blogger, I’m no authority on fashion. I legit don’t know what Diane Von Furstenberg is up to right this minute. Nor can I tell you about what the House Of Dior is doing for their next line. I know what you’re thinking – nor can other fashion bloggers, right? Umm, well that’s a conversation for another day. *Insert angelic smile here*

I legit only buy things that suit my personal aesthetic and that I’m comfortable wearing.

So here’s what’s going on with me – fashion wise!


fashion edit

I’ve been skimming through some fashion magazines lately and I’m happy to know yellow dresses are having  a major moment. Though I bought mine on a whim! I love the brand Femella as their dresses look really great on curvy women. I also love solid coloured dresses because you can do so much with the styling. Oh, and I’m living for that shoulder cutout ruffle detail! I think the whole charm of the dress lies in that.

fashion edit

Found these pretty tassle earrings at Janpath in Delhi. I instantly picked them up. I think they are purrrrfect to brighten up a monotone outfit. And I absolutely love the Freida Kahlo vibe of this picture. PS: At Rs 200 (approx), they were an absolute STEAL.

fashion edit

I absolutely adore my new arm stack. Although does two things count as an arm stack? Hmmm – I’m not sure. The rose gold heart and silver knot bracelet are both from Accessorize. I find that Accessorize has the BEST stuff when it comes to dainty + cute jewellery. Pssst; I posted this on my Instagram a while ago with a rather sappy message. Go find it if you want to roll your eyes or whatever. 🙂

fashion edit

Couldn’t resist picking up this multi coloured bag while in Delhi. Isn’t it just the cutest? I love the size and I absolutely love the little mirror detailing. I think it can easily brighten up any outfit. Actually, it’s important that the outfit is kind of muted for the full effect of this charming bag. It reminds me a little of that major Jhola trend that had hit when I was in college! Yes yes, back in the day! I was hooked then and I’m hooked now.

fashion edit

I’m no Eva Chen but here’s my own unique leg pose okay? I think my favourite phata hua jeans go super well with these tan babies from Ajio! Got them on sale too 🙂 Very pleased with this purchase. That ankle strap looks particularly nice with dresses. PS: Hadn’t realised just *how* universal the colour tan is. These literally go with everything!

fashion edit

I love this new shift dress of mine by the brand Aseesa (shop is in Bandra). There’s something so simple yet so chic about it! It also gives me mad retro vibes! I’m not sure about the price right now but I think this was under 1k and that’s another thing I love about this brand. You don’t have to sell your left kidney and your iPhone to shop here.

Oh, and the dress has pockets which I’m not sure why gets me very very excited.

fashion edit

I got this adorable bag in a Sugarbox I bought earlier this year. If you don’t know what that is, check it out! It’s a really cool subscription box that I personally love for the quirk factor. This patch trend is totally in and I’m loving the childlike vibe this bag brings to any outfit.

I’m also loving my new white trainers from Koovs. This is my second pair of white shoes! Bought this after I wore out my old pair. Didn’t think the trend would last this long but I’m not complaining. I’m all for trends that are based on comfort, because bro, lazy like that!


fashion edit

And lastly main bhi hipster! How cool and retro are these aviator frames? I absolutely ADORE and have gotten dozen of compliments for them too. Proud of myself for this awesome street find but I barely ever wear them. I only think of them when I’m clicking pictures, TBH.

That pretty much sums up my fashion updates. Tell me what you thought of my Real Girl style? Would like to see more of this kind of stuff?

I felt kind of cool putting this together in one post. I’m quite random about my fashion sense. I like a little retro, a little quirk, a little bit of just following trends – it’s a mix! It was nice to see my own style from a third person perspective as I spelt it all out for you.

What say though? I CAN ALSO FASHION, YES?



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#RealGirlsRock: In Conversation With The Filmy Owl

filmy owl

Ever so often the universe conspires in your favour and your absolute favourite artist nonchalantly agrees to be featured by you! One would think there are angels at play, and one wouldn’t be far from the truth. Well there’s one certain Angel for sure – Angel Bedi – most popularly known as The Filmy Owl, her moniker and brand name.

I cannot even begin to describe the serious case of good vibes her art emanates. Known for her signature water colour style, her very filmy quotes, her unique font, her effervescent social media presence, and her extremely quirky brand – Angel is a creativepreneur (hey, that’s a word okay!) par excellence. Having amassed a legion of followers over the years, she seems unfazed by the stardom few get to enjoy.

I find myself agreeing with and relating to all her philosophies, her unabashed love for Punjab, her ability to keep it real (duh), and her passion for all things art. This is just a decent way of saying I’m a FULL TIME FANGIRL!

Here, I get to pick her brain on everything under the sun, and she breezily lets me into her beautiful mind. Welcome to one of my most treasured posts till date. 🙂

If you weren’t this awesome-artist-lady, what would you be?

If it wasn’t for that chromosome, an awesome artsy gentleman maybe? Now that I’ve used the big biology word, I would have been a doctor!


Tell us one thing about yourself that no one knows.

That I’m happiest when left alone. Also I need to say the one time password (OTP) out loud 3 times and I still type the wrong numbers while shopping online ! : )

(Err, sister, that makes two of us!)


What’s your favourite brand?
All cruelty free brands that don’t expect me to sell my left kidney to shop from them are my favourite.

(That candour, uff!)

One thing you would never endorse?

Anything that has been tested on animals .


Tell us where your love for all things vintage was born.

All the credit goes to my dadi’s gold rimmed ‘ainak’ ( spectacles ) that always managed to get fixed when broken. Old things from back in the day have this charm of infinity. They are not disposable like the 30 pairs of sunglasses in my closet!


A post shared by t h e f i l m y o w l (@thefilmyowl) on

Any advice for those who want to become artists? 

It’s not important to monetise your art. You could be the most amazing artist and still have a 9 to 5 job. Also no one becomes an artist…we are all born creative…could be the way you match your clothes or could be the way to talk. Even conversation is an art form.

(Okay, I have to admit – that kinda blew my mind!)


What’s the toughest part of your profession?

It’s hard to explain to people what I actually do for a living, because when I say, ‘ I live’, that turns out to be a rather vague reply.


What keeps you motivated?

Frozen fruit popsicles!!!


Someone you look up to?

My dog, Chabi. I need to reach the state of zen she oozes out of her soul twenty four seven!


Best piece of advice you ever got…

Don’t listen to anyone’s advice . EVER!

(PREACH GIRLLLL! I couldn’t agree more even if I tried!)

Describe your personal style in one line…

I’m a confused high fashion gypsy with a hippy soul who is trapped in a glass jar with an impulsive need to shop online and never return or exchange, even the things that don’t fit. That was one line!


What would you tell a young girl who’s not too sure what career path she wants to take?

Be a rebel, take some time off and travel ( yes I know not everyone has the luxury to do that) but time doesn’t mean a year, it could even be a week, and travel doesn’t mean Euro trip, it can even be the mountain next door. Travelling solo can really answer a lot of questions. Oh and always keep a journal. Always !


What’s your idea of unwinding?

Chai and a ukulele – I can’t really play but that doesn’t stop me from playing, does it?

(Major modest vibes here. I really look forward to her Insta stories where she treats us to her musical skills!)


What feeds your soul?

Compliments. Lots and lots of compliments.

Owlways ?✨?✨?

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How addicted are you to social media?

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that answer already!


What’s your take on feminism?

I understand equality but I’m over feminism. I demand superiority. Women bleed for a week and don’t die, so yes I want parking and seats, free cake, discounts of gym memberships and what not. Women are NOT equal. We are more (and I adore men who understand this fact; yes there are many).



One misconception people have about creative entrepreneurs…

That we are all pseudo intellectuals. Well thats not a misconception (haha)


One thing that “growing up” has taught you…

All the cracks and bruises have worked very hard to make me who I am today, in this moment. So growing up has taught me to start falling love with the flaws.



One thing that travelling has taught you…

It has taught me to be greedy for the right things, ie. more travel!

What does being a Real Girl mean to you?

To me it just means being an honest empathetic human! : )


Hayeeeee! All my writer/blogger/interviewer propriety is out the window at this point. I loved picking her brain and have concluded that she’s my spirit animal. Well her, and Karan Johar – but that’s not important right now.

You can (and should, quite frankly) check her work out here and here.

Don’t forget to like and share this post, support art and artists that matter!


Thank you so much Angel for doing this with me. I love you more than you love Bobby Deol – and we all know that’s saying something. 🙂


(#RealGirlsRock is a segment on the blog wherein I reach out to interesting, creative, awesome women who inspire me with just who they are. It’s like an ode to all the real girls out there – ultimately, that is the main reason this blog exists. If you, or anyone you know, would like to connect and be featured please reach me at realgirlco@gmail.com)



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