Do Fad Diets Work? Nutrition Psychologist Ridhi Golechha Weighs In!

Hi, I’m Smriti, welcome to my blog. If you know me, you’ll know that I am a body-positive writer who waxes (somewhat) eloquent on this blog and on my podcast about the perils of an unhealthy narrative we are routinely fed when it comes to our own wellness. I reject the idea that all bodies should aspire to look the same and I’m super skeptical about all diets/nutrition fads. When I (virtually) met Ridhi and realized she’s done some stellar work in the field of psychology and nutrition, I roped her in for an insightful chat on my Instagram Live which you’ll find below. I then asked her to extend her expertise to my blog, and she did so with her signature honesty and myth-busting superpowers. Read:

” For more than 15 years, I was obsessed with getting thinner- that perfect body- jumping from one diet to another,  experimenting with every nutrition fad – to find that one magic pill that would change my life forever. Unfortunately, I kept failing. To find my answers, as a psychologist, I specialized my research into why 90% of us are unable to break this eat-repent-repeat cycle and never reach our goals. 
You open Instagram and there are at least 5 different health & wellness posts- advising you to eat this & not eat that. Then a WhatsApp forward your parents send you. Then another chat with friends where they’ve tried the latest keto diet and lost 8 kgs. So you think that’s the solution to all your weight problems. You try, it works for a while, then either you get bored of the limited food or your body just doesn’t respond & the weight stays the same. 

Amid all the nutritional confusion, there you are – trying to juggle, solve this puzzle running around collecting all the scattered pieces- but no matter what you do- nothing seems enough.
The internet has created an informational overdose. 
That means, despite climbing 5 floors, there are still 5 more you can see. When you climb those- another 5 appear out of nowhere- and this continues & continues- like a never-ending staircase. 
The $8 billion nutrition industry is pumping new products, latest fads & creating a nutritional whirlpool, where you & I are sure to be engulfed. There is no shortage of information. The further you consume, the larger your need becomes. Think of all the articles, all the random bits of advice, all the videos claiming this ingredient is better than the other, all the voices screaming out to you- basically saying: What you’re currently doing is good, but not good enough. You can be better! 

And why not? That’s the insecurity that this nutrition & fitness industry is tapping into. Because all of us desire better health! And that’s when we become addicted message-consumers. With a never-ending black hole. 
What can we do though? We are born with a tiny little voice. That same voice that tells an infant to cry for food when hungry & stop eating when full. And as we grow up, life happens, We consume less food & more information. We have now converted from being hunter-gatherers to data-gatherers. And that tiny little voice that we were born with, softens with all the noisy nutritional advice and guidelines around us. 
That voice is what we need to start re-accessing. Its the voice of our ‘body wisdom’. It’s always guiding us, giving us signals through our body, hunger, fullness, health, disease, moods & immunity.
Once you access more and more of your body wisdom, the noise of confusion around fads, diets & fitness trends around you automatically gets duller. You start becoming your own nutritional expert. 
And that’s when you can start making choices to live a healthy, sustainable life that you love and look forward to every day, without worrying about whether what you are doing is right or wrong or not enough. That’s when you start building a healthier relationship with your body. And food choices become easier- rather than a place of constant work, calculating, analysis, calorie-cutting, and confusion. 

Although it may take a detailed consultation to give you nutrition answers tailor-made to your needs, I’m going to leave you with 3 simple tips to embark on a journey of better health and weight management that you can apply to your lives right away:

1. Learn to honour your hunger

2. Identify your toxic beliefs around health

3.  Respect your body “

Ridhi Golechha is a psychologist specialized in Body Image and gentle nutrition. She can help you with struggles around weight, emotional eating, and stresses around work/life/ relationships/ food to help you create the sustainable, easy, healthy, and doable lifestyle that you’ve always wanted to live. Reach her at for your 1st free discovery call today and follow her helpful Instagram page @ridhigolechha

Instagram Live With Ridhi Talking About Real Bodies, Lockdown Binges and Wellness On The Whole:

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