Glam Time: The Bridesmaid Look In 10 Easy Steps

If you know me, you’ll know I’m a serial wedding attender. (Wait, aren’t we all?!) Anyway, each time I play bridesmaid I start freaking out about having to figure out my ‘looks’. What’s even tougher is attending destination weddings and having to do your hair and makeup yourself and/or shelling out big bucks to get it done! This time I thought I’ll plan ahead and finally learn some make up tips and tricks before the weddings start. So obviously, I got in touch with my fab friend – Youtuber and makeup artist – Minelli to help me with this. She patiently taught me to do my makeup in an easy few steps and here’s what I learnt…

bridesmaid makeup 1

BEFORE: Start by looking like you’ve been arrested for a crime. It helps if you moisturize your face before applying absolutely any makeup. Especially in this season, because our skin tends to dry up. (Yes, even in Bombay) #notkidding

bridesmaid makeup 2

Step 1: Take any eye shadow you like. I told her I wanted a gold and black smokey eye because the colours matched my outfit. Start applying the gold from the inner corner of your eye. On the outer corner, apply black and blend it as much as you want. We kept it kind of stark since I didn’t mind a bold smokey eye.

bridesmaid makeup 3

Step 2:

Line your eyes with eyeliner.

bridesmaid makeup 4

Step 3:

I like it thick and long. Get your head outta the gutter ladies, I’m totally talking about Mascara.

bridesmaid makeup 6

Step 4:

Honestly, a step I usually skip though brows can make or break your look. I’m luckily endowed with decent brows but of course taking a dark eyeshadow and filling them in gives them shape and defines them further.

bridesmaid makeup 7

Step 5:

I usually start with this step but Minelli chose to do it post eye makeup which makes a lot of sense. Specially when you are attempting a smokey eye, there’s bound to be fall out. So once it’s done, dust it off and then apply foundation. Because she is fancy AF, she had the original beauty blender and that’s why the foundation blended so beautifully.

bridesmaid makeup 8

Step 6

Press powder nicely seals it all in, giving a flawless finish.

bridesmaid makeup 9

Step 7

I suddenly realize as my face transforms slowly that I’m finding it so incomplete because my trusty Kajal is not on. I ask her to load it up because that’s my signature look. You obviously don’t need to do that. Also, needless to say, this step can be added at any point.

bridesmaid makeup 10-opt

Step 8

Contouring is something I don’t usually attempt but I highly recommend it because it adds so much definition to the face. Especially if you’ve got cheeks-for-days like I do.

bridesmaid makeup 11

Step 9

Highlighting kind of goes hand in hand with contouring and it adds a glow to your face. I think this is an integral part of the Bridesmaid look because it’s a subtle way of standing out. The best part is we actually used an eye shadow as a highlighter and it totally works too!

bridesmaid makeup 12

Step 10

We decided to go with berry lips as I think they are quite winter wedding appropriate. You can totes go with a lighter colour (nude, maybe?) or bright red too if that’s more your thing.

bridesmaid makeup final-opt

AND TADAAAAA! Here’s the final look after adding pretty jhumkas and a jhoomer. I know this look is leaning towards Mughal, but that’s the kind of bridesmaid look I personally wanted. It all depends on what you’re wearing and the accessories you choose. So feel free to experiment at your friend’s wedding. Just because we are real girls, doesn’t make us any less celebrity-like when we want okay? 😛

bridesmaid makeup final


On eyes:

Too Faced Black Eyeshadow

P.A.C Gold Eyeshadow

Maybelline Liquid Liner

They’re Real Mascara by Benefit

Faces Longwear Eye Pencil As Kajal

Deborah Milano Eye Shadow to fill brows

On Face:

Kryolan Cream Based Foundation

Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder

Hoola Bronzer by Benefit for Contouring

Nyx Shadow as highlighter

Lipstick: Black berry by Revlon

Brushes: All brushes by P.A.C



  1. Firstly, you will notice that the makeup used is a mix between high end and drugstore bought. You can achieve this same look with make up that you already own.
  2. We haven’t used concealer because it wasn’t really needed, but feel free to add that step. Specially if you have major blemishes or discolouration.
  3. If you are buying makeup, invest in multitasking products. Eg: The eyeshadow that has been used as a highlighter looks great on the lids too.
  4. I think where we go wrong is not paying attention to the brushes we use. Invest in good brushes, they are as important (if not more) than the product themselves.

Wish you all a very happy Shaadi season! I hope you enjoy playing bridesmaid even more now 😀

A big thank you to Minelli for being awesome and infinitely patient with me as I learnt from her and asked a zillion questions in the process! I have so much fun every time we collaborate 🙂


[Minelli is a professional makeup artist and hairstylist and she takes bookings by appointment for parties, events, bridal events, photo shoots and television commercials. You can reach her here:]

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