Digital Marketing Expert Shruti Thakker On Upping Your Digital Game In 2021

Shruti Thakker

As some of you already know, I use this blog to showcase the wonderful people I meet along the way in my journey as a writer, blogger, and podcaster and find that it works as the perfect alibi in getting trade secrets from some of the finest minds of our country. 🙂 One such person is Shruti Thakker, an entrepreneur and digital marketing expert who dabbles in emceeing and is also a bona fide influencer. I’m fascinated by her multi-faceted career choices and her passion for digital marketing. Today, she dishes on her journey so far and the tips and tricks that’ll help us up our digital game in 2021! Read on….

How did you get into social media/digital marketing?

After years of working round the clock in Media, I had taken a break to assess my next step when my friend, Chef Karishma Sakhrani, told me about an opportunity and while I was unsure, I decided to take the leap of faith.

I still remember it was 3rd May 2016 when I had a meeting with a brand and at the end of that 2 hour long meeting I had officially started

A move that was not planned, anticipated…it just came together. Within 6 months with 3 clients to 4 years later working with 50 clients – the company has come a long way. There is nothing like building credibility and trust of your own name. Build yourself into a brand!

Wow! Right off the bat, tell me – How much time do you spend on social media?

I typically spend anywhere between 5-6hrs of my time on social media for keeping a check on trends, respond and engage with the community, creating content, planning design, and lapping up a copious amount of content. I believe the more you expose yourself to content, the more ideas and understanding you have of the platform. 

Shruti Thakker

What’s the most fulfilling part of the job for you?
As a social media expert – seeing an idea become a real tangible post. The monetary reward for all effort is increased leads and sales. It’s absolutely thrilling when an idea is appreciated by the client and audience. 

Shruti Thakker

Give us an insider secret you tell your clients when they want to grow their digital presence?

1. People expect an instant change when they start their social media journey. It is a marathon and not a sprint. It takes hours of research, strategizing, planning, ideating, and executing. Social media is about making a lot of effort look effortless. 

2. Always know the reason you are putting in the effort. If you can answer why you’ll keep going in the right direction. 

3. Social media is still a conversation. Just with more people at once. So ensure you share content like you are having a conversation.

Shruti Thakker

Do you think the pandemic has changed the way we use social media?

Social media is an incredibly rich, intricate network of people tied together in unpredictable ways. It played a key role in connecting brands and their customers during the pandemic.

Brands that are new on social could reach out to their local community.  Now, they also have access to know the global community. Prior to a pandemic, businesses had to travel to live events to find a targeted group of prospects and some of them were really expensive for SMEs & startups but now it has become a level playing field. It has forced people to come online and businesses are selling globally.

Now people and brands don’t need a reason to be online. It’s necessary to build a larger network in different geographies for continued leverage. 

3 Apps worth downloading for someone who is looking to grow their presence on social media?

– Snapseed/Lightroom to edit the pictures

 – Inshots to edit videos

– Instories for animated posts and stories. 

Shruti Thakker

Which social media platforms should we focus on?
B2C brands, individuals looking to build their personal brand directly to consumers eg Dieticians, Trainers, etc – Instagram and Youtube

B2B brands, individuals looking to build their personal brand to corporates – LinkedIn

One new thing you learnt about the digital space in 2020?
Ensure you experiment. Be creative and the content will attract the right audience. 

And now for the pièce de résistance! What can a person or a brand do to up their digital game in 2021?
1. Have a plan for yourself/brand and your content. 

2. Ensure you have continued additional exposure – eg Instagram Lives or collaborations

3. Stay true to your content but don’t forget to experiment. 

4. Don’t chase numbers. 

5. Quality over Quantity but you have to stay consistent. 

Thank you so much for all your insights Shruti, I’m sure the Real Girl community appreciates it. I hope Design Club only grows and prospers and we see you do a lot more of what makes your heart happy! 🙂

Shruti Thakker is a marketing and sales consultant and an entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in Advertising, Marketing, and Sales with brands like Conde Nast (Vogue India), Times Internet Limited (Times of India Company), apart from being an influencer who has worked with brands like Singapore Tourism Board, FoodHall, Mary Cohr, Autocar, L’Oréal Professional. She is the Founder of Design Club, a marketing consulting company that specializes in designing digital marketing strategies for companies which include – social media marketing, influencer marketing, collaborations and strategic advertising to build awareness, reach, engagement leads and revenue for the companies. You can follow her on Instagram @shrutithakker.

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