The Only Resolutions A Girl Really Needs!

2017 has been a cracker of a year in every way! Loud, bright, and happy yet a little too explosive for my liking. I thank it for everything it’s taught me and bid it adieu with fondness in my heart.

I look forward to what 2018 will bring so I thought I’ll write out a little checklist or guide to attempting resolutions in 2018. I’m so done with trying the typical ones so I thought I’ll write out an honest list that I might actually stick to. Follow along if you like.

real girl resolutions

  1. Be realistic with my resolutions this year

(Starting off with this list so that’s a good sign!)

2. Keep no place for guilt in my life.

Cannot emphasise enough on this one. Wasted enough time in my life trying to live up to random expectations. I refuse to do that this year. As a friend, spouse, child, relative, woman, and person – I am done with trying hard to please!

3. Read more books

Okay, I’m not going to lie – this one makes it to my list every year. But it’s a good one, so I’m keeping it.

real girl resolutions

4. Be more vocal

Sounds odd, doesn’t it? But I think as a girl, once you reach a certain age, you are expected to comply more and opine less. Well this is me positively refusing to abide to that diktat. I have opinions and I’m going to voice them. I won’t let my ample education and liberal upbringing go to waste to be more soft spoken. Balls to that!

5. Pay more attention to myself

The last few years have been a little trying for me personally and I haven’t found the time or means to indulge my vanity. But as I enter the new year, unhappy with how my skin and body are looking – I promise myself to work on these two aspects. It’s one thing to love yourself and it’s another to give up on yourself. It’s a fine line, really. As I continue to love myself unabashedly, I want to motivate myself to do what I need to for the well being of my body. Please note – there is no room for terms like ‘goal weight’ etc in my resolution. But I know from within when I’m doing enough for myself and when I’m not. We all do.

6. Be more ambitious than ever before!

Again, one of those things that women are expected to just forgo beyond a certain age. I don’t relate to that at all! I feel more ambitious than ever before and I believe it’s time to reap benefits for all the hard work I’ve been putting in consistently.

real girl resolutions

7. Be optimistic!

The older we grow, the more pessimistic we become. It happens to all of us! We sort of resign to our fate. But the best people are those who haven’t ever heard of the phrase ‘giving up’. I want to channel my inner optimist and let her dream the biggest dreams!

8. Put my mental health first

If you had to borrow only one thing from my list, let it be this one! Keep no room for toxicity in your life. Nothing is worth your own mental well being; no job, no relationship, AND NO AMOUNT OF MONEY! If you feel like you’re not at a good place when it comes to your mental health, seek help. If you were waiting for a sign to take action, please consider this one!

9. Pick up a few skills

They don’t have to be insanely out of your reach. For instance, I want to learn to make a few signature cocktails. I’m a closeted bar tender and would love to pick up some tricks of the trade. So that, and maybe practice my contouring and up my make-up skills! I just feel like learning things along the way makes life more rich and interesting.

10. Love more!

Sounds cliche, kids! But this year, I want to do all things with love. I want to operate on ‘Good Vibes Only’ and take all the love I have inside me and spread it as far as I can. I’m going to start with telling you how much I love you and wish you the happiest new year. Let’s keep it real together <3

real girl resolutions


Real Girl


(All photographs by the inimitable photographer Bhaswati Bhattacharyya of Little Black Box Photography)

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I Found Winter Wonderland In Delhi!

Photo Courtesy: Little Black Box Photography

Hello darlings,

If you follow me on social media you’d already know I’m just back from a short yet action packed trip up north. As excited as I have been to go on a holiday, I was kind of upset I’d be missing out on the Christmas build-up back home. In case you don’t know me AT ALL – let me enlighten you – I absolutely adore Christmas! My level of enthusiasm is legit Santa Claus after a few happy drinks. I guess that’s what growing up in Bandra, studying in a Convent school, being a member at a Catholic club, and watching too much American television does to you!

So as I was saying, my tree was up and decorated but I was headed to Delhi, Jaipur, Amritsar, and Haryana and really thought I’d miss out on that Christmassy feeling. Imagine my excitement when I arrived at a place that was bedecked with fairy lights and wreaths and looked like a Winter Wonderland in good ol’ Delhi! (Bonus points for the absolutely crazy cold weather to make a girl feel like she’s really in the North Pole!)

That’s right – there’s a place called Diggin in Delhi and it’s a pretty cafe nestled in a quiet area. Apparently there are two branches – I visited the newer one in an area called Chanakyapuri.

I went in the evening so didn’t end up sampling the food (they have Italian mainly), but I did end up having the most deliciously rich chocolate cake and super yum Ferrero shake. I can vouch for the quality of their desserts and the prices won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

There are just a few things to remember –

  • They don’t serve alcohol
  • They are a bit anal about letting you click pictures because the cafe is located inside a military area. This is such a shame because honestly it’s one of the most insta-worthy places I’ve seen!

(I managed to get in a few pictures before I knew about their policy but I so wish I could show you the inside of the Cafe too. Made of blonde wood, it really has a cozy cabin vibe)

If you are in Delhi, you must NOT miss this place. It’s the perfect little coffee date place according to me!


Here’s the Zomato link for you to find it easily –

Happy Holidays, yougaiz!

Ho-Ho-Hope you are following me and my travel stories on Instagram & Facebook –


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ADDICTED: Real Girl Recommends!

real girl recommends


In the history of this blog, I have never once dedicated an entire blog post to recommending a TV show. But I think the time has come to make an exception for ‘This Is Us’. It is the most beautiful, poignant, wonderfully written, and painfully real piece of Television the world has seen. [Read more…]

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Diwali 2017: Welcome To My Home


Hiiii lovelies, I know it’s been a long absence from this space and I would love to go into the what/why/how but today is Diwali! It’s a day of new beginnings. Lord Ram didn’t come back home to Ayodhya to hear a bunch of excuses, amirite? LOL

I’ve been quite pumped about this Diwali so I thought I’ll give you a sneak peak of my decked up new home and some other things while I’m at it. Hope you have a lovely day and shine on like a Sindhi aunty at a Kitty Party! Or like Beyonce. Or both. Oooh, imagine that.  [Read more…]

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I Reviewed A Book And Accepted My Old Age!




Hi lovers, I’m back with that section which I just now realize has started to form a distinct pattern. First, I marvel at how fast the year is passing by  (we are already on our 8th Monthly Favourites Edition of the year!) Then, I make an excuse for either shopping or not shopping too much; and after that I hastily begin to describe what I ate, shopped, bought, liked the last month. Not that I’m complaining – I kinda love doing this every month. 🙂 So let’s look at ze goodies, shall we?

[Read more…]

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