Real Girl: The Wedding Diaries

It was a cold Sunday morning in February (Bombay standards, at least) and I was wide awake – miracles never cease, do they? Not only was I awake, I was actually pretty calm and put together. I was happy. And that’s honestly what every bride should feel on her wedding day.


The ceremony was in the Gurudwara, a traditional Anand Karaj. We wanted to keep it simple and meaningful no matter what style of wedding and venue we chose. We debated many options while planning the wedding. Being Sindhi, I pray to Guru Nanak and though not overtly religious; the Gurudwara has always felt most peaceful to me. My husband is Gujarati and is largely agnostic. He’d happily have a civil wedding if given a choice. We were sure we didn’t want a noisy affair where all our guests are chewing loudly on all the food while we are taking the holy Pheras in some non-descript corner of the hall. We got lucky – both sets of parents didn’t care what we finally chose as long as it made us happy.


The principle of the Sikh wedding (Anand Karaj) is based on equality. Between male and female; and subsequently between husband and wife. This really appealed to me. It’s what I always wanted from my marriage. It had to be a give and take. It had to be a two way street. Even though we had been together for almost a decade before we got married, and I knew I was extremely lucky – I was marrying my best friend. I still had this niggling fear that marriage would change the equilibrium of our relationship. Did it, though?

It’s been one year to that beautiful morning in February. ONE-WHOLE-YEAR. Wow. Let’s give my brain a moment while it processes this information, okay?

Yup, so it’s been a year and it has indeed been a ride of a lifetime. I won’t lie to you. Life as you know it; does change! This change can be super scary but it can also be pretty frickin’ amazing. You now have two families and double the social commitments. You have more friends and more plans that you just have to be at. But most importantly, you have each other to come home to every-single-day. You have a steady date 365 days a year. You have someone to fuss over you even if you’re running just a slight temperature. You have a travel companion. You have a perpetual date to all social occasions (can’t even begin to explain what an advantage that can be).

And if you’re as lucky as me (I really hope you are!) you have someone who just gets you. Who sees through your soul. Who pushes you to excel. Who laughs at all your jokes – even the not so funny ones. (Come on, we all know that’s the dream!) Who makes you the most amazing coffee in the world. Who lets you whine when it’s the need of the hour. Who doesn’t believe some things are just a ‘woman’s job’. Who contributes. Who partakes. Who just happens to be your better half. Who completes your world.

Thank you husband (sometimes that word still amuses me) but I am not a cynic anymore and it’s because of the love and care you bring to this marriage. I may still be a raging feminist – but that doesn’t stop me from loving the fact that I am, in fact, married. You’re my partner in every sense of the word. And I may not credit you enough, but it takes a Real Man to be with a Real Girl like me. 😉

And given a chance I’d do it all again with a smile on my face and the same feeling of contentment in my heart- even if it’s in the morning; again.


Happy Anniversary!



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Welcome to Real Girl

Hi, welcome to my blog!

I’m assuming you are new. That would totally make sense, since this blog is new.

I wish I had something smart to say right now so you’d read and throw your head back and laugh like those women in television ads who seem perfectly content with life. If you found me funny I guess you’d think I was endearing and I know you’d come back for more.

But the truth is, I can’t ensure that. All I can wish for is that you read it and perhaps give me another chance soon enough. Just as with every new role in our lives, I hope to grow into that of a self assured blogger.

For now all you get is: awkward, and not-so-great in parts, and honest, and real. Oh, that’s one thing I promise you. You’ll always get real. 🙂

Thank you for taking the time out to read this. Welcome to the Real Girl Family.

Hope you enjoy my blog. Happy exploring!


Gif Courtesy: tumblr

Gif Courtesy: tumblr


These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things!

I want to start doing these proper ‘favourite list’ things soon. Like maybe monthly or something. You know, because I’m a blogger and all now, sooo, yeah. *Flips hair*

Anyway, when I learn to write and click like all the legit bloggers out there, you’ll get a proper list of favourite things. For now you have to make do with my randomness.

Here goes nothing:


I may or may not have been gifted this Guess wallet by someone special for an uber special occasion. *blushes same shade of pink as wallet*

Isn’t it gorg?




This stunning ring I found at a shop called Dazzle at Santacruz market if I’m not wrong. I don’t remember the price , or I would have definitely told you. But now that I’m a blogger *ahem* I will keep such things in mind. Also, I will click better pictures. Promise!





Of course my camera is one of my newest, most treasured loves. I know there will come a day, when it will just be part of my job;  something I sort of have to lug around. But I’ll tell you one thing, that day is not today!



I am obsessed with this fragrance  Sea Rose by Davidoff. Clearly right? Since the bottle is almost over. I was trying to figure a way to not show you that – but it’s super tough…what with ya’ll having eyes and all. So anyway, I never thought I would like anything with the word rose on it but this particular fragrance is divine. It stays on for hours too. I wish I knew more about perfumes so I could give you’ll some gyaan but I’m guessing the top notes are made perfection! Yeah. I’ll stop now.

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