13 Real Things Every Girl Goes Through In An Office Washroom

Kimberly Clark x Real Girl

I was feeling kind of nostalgic lately and it got me thinking of the good old days when I’d work in an office and clock in daily hours. The office space, the politics, the friendships, the camaraderie, the colleagues, and the washrooms – yup, you read that right – I said washrooms. If you work or have worked in any office, ever, you’ll know that the office washroom is a space where a lot transpires. Here’s a legit list of things known to happen in every office washroom! [Read more…]

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19 Thoughts I Have *Every* Festive Season!

I’m one of those people who cannot wait for November and December, every year. Do you even blame me? They are the last two months of the year and are without a doubt the most fun! They are the month version of Saturday and Sunday, basically.

(This year I’ll include October in the excitement too; for obvious reasons!)

Real Girl x Diwali

As much as I love the festive season, though, my brain absolutely cannot stop going into overdrive at the same time. *Cough* TYPICAL *Cough* That’s just me. All over the place, all the damn time. Anyhoo, here’s what ensues inside my brain – festive edition. 🙂


  1. Ooooh, Diwali!

More clothes, more sweets, more partying! #WIN

festive season


  1. I need to buy new lights for the house.

a) Because, look how pretty!

b) Who knows where I kept last year’s lights?


  1. Do I really need to clean my whole house?

I’m sure Goddess Lakshmi will understand if I don’t manage to organize that one drawer, na?


festive season


  1. Why don’t we have Taash parties like they do in Delhi?

Not that I know how to play or anything…


  1. Even the weather is so much better there.

Suddenly, I’m in a bad mood now. *Sulks*


festive season


  1. It’s been forever since I bought and lit fireworks.

Being socially and environmentally conscious can suck balls sometimes, IMHO.


  1. I hope I get invited to some Fancy AF Diwali party.

Though I really shouldn’t count on it.


festive season


  1. But just think of all the selfies that can happen, just think…

I could use that Bokeh effect for the lights to look all pretty and blurry.


  1. Don’t fairy lights just make everything look super magical?

Will people judge me if I keep these up all year round?


festive season

  1. I really want to make a beautiful and intricate rangoli this year?

“Bhaiya, yeh stencil kitne ka hai?”


  1. Lighting diyas is such a beautiful and fun activity…

I love watching my mom do it. 😛

festive season


  1. Speaking of mom, how does she remember this whole Lakshmi Pooja?

I’m going to have to just wing it and hum in the background.


  1. Have you noticed – people just seem so nice this time of the year.

Maybe Diwali bonuses have a little something to do with it!

festive season


  1. Someone remind me why I don’t eat Kaju Katli all year round?

*Looks at weighing scale* Don’t worry, got the answer.


  1. What am I going to do after Diwali?

*Feels sad for a nanosecond and then remembers Christmas and New Year. *

festive season


  1. Speaking of, can you believe 2016 is ending?

I-can’t-even. Like, where did it go? It was last year just, like, 5 minutes ago. What is this sorcery?!


  1. There are so many things I need to do before the year ends!

Philosophical, thinking mode: ON

 festive season

  1. I would love to sit and take stock of my life…

But then there are so many parties to attend. #FirstWorldProblems


  1. Wait, am I too old to be *this* excited for these festivals?

*Dhatt pagli* [reprimands self in most desi way possible – then goes to buy juttis to complete Diwali outfit]

festive season


Here’s wishing you all a very Happy Diwali! Go have fun, my firecrackers! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this Diwali special post. Share it with someone who might like it too! You know, spread that festive love – and all and all!



Photo Courtesy: The Cheesecake Project

Makeup + Hair: LocaMico

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30 Things Sindhi Women Who Have Kept Teejri Will TOTALLY Get!

Real Girl Sindhi Special

Firstly, Happy Teejri pretty ladies! What better way to pass time on a day you’re fasting than to find some entertainment on the internet, right? Well, hope you have a happy day and an easy fast – with full cooperation from Mr Moon of course –  till then, enjoy reading!


  1. Oh God, why am I extra hungry today?

Real Girl Sindhi Special

  1. I hope the mehendiwali comes on time.


  1. Damn, did I forget to go buy the mehendi cones?

Real Girl Sindhi Special

  1. I better not get acidity like last time.


  1. The Punjabi ladies have it so much easier, considering Karva Chauth is usually in October.

Real Girl Sindhi Special

  1. We have to brave this unpredictable rain and super huge rain clouds!


  1. [Married ladies]: My husband *better* appreciate this!

Real Girl Sindhi Special

  1. [Unmarried ladies]: After all this, God better find me a super hot husband. Bonus points if he’s rich!


  1. I wonder if I’m losing any weight by fasting today.

Real Girl Sindhi Special

  1. Ah well, at least it’s a detox.


  1. Oh no, I forgot to check if I have a pretty Indian outfit to wear.

Real Girl Sindhi Special

  1. God, how much everyone decks up to go to the Mandir.


  1. *Takes extra effort to look nice too*

Real Girl Sindhi Special

  1. Why is it so crowded at this Mandir?


  1. Oh look, there’s my friend…and my cousin….and my aunt.

Real Girl Sindhi Special



  1. This is just cruel.

Real Girl Sindhi Special

  1. The lady at the Mandir said it’ll be out at 9:20. It is 9:25 now. I do not appreciate these lies!


  1. The hunger is getting to me now.

Real Girl Sindhi Special

  1. I can hear noise on the other terrace. Do they see something?


  1. *Shouts to ask if they see anything*

Real Girl Sindhi Special

  1. How do I pass time if I’m not even supposed to munch on things?


  1. *Thinks of people who fast regularly and shudders*

Real Girl Sindhi Special

  1. Oh look! OMG – I see something!!!!


  1. QUICKKKKKK! Light the aggarbattis. I want to pray while it’s there.

Real Girl Sindhi Special

  1. Tries to remember the lines of the prayer one has to say when the moon appears.


  1. Phew! It’s done.

Real Girl Sindhi Special

28. Must message my cousins on the other side of the city and let them know I saw the moon.


29. YAY! I can eat now.

Real Girl Sindhi Special

  1. I don’t know what the fuss was about. I love Teejri. It’s actually quite easy to keep. 😛




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Love Sleep? Same Pinch!

So this post may have a vague resemblance to someone I know. It may be…sort of…modelled on their life. Just saying.

Okay fine, it’s me! I cannot tell a lie. This is me. All day, every day. Since forevs. Sleep is bae.

Real Girl Loves Sleep!

Image Courtesy: 42fotos


1) I make plans to sleep on the weekend like others make plans to party.

Oh yeah it’ll be a party – there will be a blanket, a pillow, maybe even two pillows if I’m feeling crazy.

Real Girl Loves Sleep


2) I really believe in this:

If you love someone, let them sleep.

Real Girl Loves Sleep 2


3) I get super cranky when I haven’t slept well.

Don’t call me a baby. Tu baby.

Real Girl Loves Sleep 3


4) When you’re just about to sleep but someone calls out to you so you just pretend to be asleep.

Been there. Done that. Ignored you…probably.

Real Girl Loves Sleep 4


5) I’m amazed that the snooze button on my alarm still works.

The amount it is used….

Real Girl Loves Sleep 5


6) I don’t understand why my sleep annoys friends and family.


“Why are you so sleepy?”

“Why are you so awake?”

Real Girl Loves Sleep 6


7) When I’m holidaying with my friends and they let me sleep in like the absolute cuties that they are.

Emotional moments happen later that day.

Real Girl Loves Sleep 7


8) Although you know what’s better than just sleeping?

Sleeping in when it’s cold and rainy outside. #LoveYouBlanket

Real Girl Loves Sleep 8


9) Others will not understand, but 5 minutes more of sleep do make a difference.

Right, Sleeping Beauty?

Real Girl Loves Sleep 9


10) Lastly, RIP to all the breakfast buffets that I didn’t make it for.

It’s too early to enjoy you Blueberry Danish, too frickin’ early. #Priorities

Real Girl Loves Sleep 10


Image Courtesy: tumblr, indulgy.com, grabhouse.com, pinterest

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10 Things You’ll Get If You’re A Hairy Girl!

If you’ve got more hair (everywhere) than you can handle, then let’s just say we’ll get along! Need further proof? Read on, darling!


  1. You have spent the better part of your life at salons and parlours!

Why is this taking so long?


  1. You’re convinced you can look like a guy if you go without threading for a few months!

*Talks to mirror* Hello, handsome!



  1. You can’t believe there was a time when you actually moved around with all this hair!

It was way back in school, but still! *Shudders at the thought*


  1. You’re super jealous of all the girls who don’t need to wax, shave or tweeze!

Like, why me?!



  1. You actually love the winter because you can go weeks without waxing and no one would know.

Big yayyy for cold weather!


  1. As if hair removal wasn’t bad enough, you have to deal with something called ingrowth!

Like, how is this fair in any universe?



  1. You’re pretty sure you’d be great in a battle since you’re pain threshold is super high!

Hello, perfectly arched brows!


  1. Your salon people are like your family.

You spend more time with them anyway!



  1. That awesome feeling when you’re freshly waxed and threaded.

*Take ALL the selfies*


  1. That AWFUL feeling when the ‘clean’ thing lasts for precisely a day and a half.

*Insert own gaalis here*




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