I Found Winter Wonderland In Delhi!

Photo Courtesy: Little Black Box Photography

Hello darlings,

If you follow me on social media you’d already know I’m just back from a short yet action packed trip up north. As excited as I have been to go on a holiday, I was kind of upset I’d be missing out on the Christmas build-up back home. In case you don’t know me AT ALL – let me enlighten you – I absolutely adore Christmas! My level of enthusiasm is legit Santa Claus after a few happy drinks. I guess that’s what growing up in Bandra, studying in a Convent school, being a member at a Catholic club, and watching too much American television does to you!

So as I was saying, my tree was up and decorated but I was headed to Delhi, Jaipur, Amritsar, and Haryana and really thought I’d miss out on that Christmassy feeling. Imagine my excitement when I arrived at a place that was bedecked with fairy lights and wreaths and looked like a Winter Wonderland in good ol’ Delhi! (Bonus points for the absolutely crazy cold weather to make a girl feel like she’s really in the North Pole!)

That’s right – there’s a place called Diggin in Delhi and it’s a pretty cafe nestled in a quiet area. Apparently there are two branches – I visited the newer one in an area called Chanakyapuri.

I went in the evening so didn’t end up sampling the food (they have Italian mainly), but I did end up having the most deliciously rich chocolate cake and super yum Ferrero shake. I can vouch for the quality of their desserts and the prices won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

There are just a few things to remember –

  • They don’t serve alcohol
  • They are a bit anal about letting you click pictures because the cafe is located inside a military area. This is such a shame because honestly it’s one of the most insta-worthy places I’ve seen!

(I managed to get in a few pictures before I knew about their policy but I so wish I could show you the inside of the Cafe too. Made of blonde wood, it really has a cozy cabin vibe)

If you are in Delhi, you must NOT miss this place. It’s the perfect little coffee date place according to me!


Here’s the Zomato link for you to find it easily – https://www.zomato.com/ncr/diggin-chanakyapuri-new-delhi

Happy Holidays, yougaiz!

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Eating Out in Bandra: Mini Review of Kitchen Garden

Real Girl Reviews Kitchen Garden

Very often I eat out at new places but don’t end up reporting back to you guys. That’s not because I’m lazy (Ok Smriti, tell yourself that) but because I’m not sure trying out one or two things constitutes as a review. As I’ve mentioned to you before, these are not paid reviews and I can’t just order everything on the menu! So I keep thinking I’ll go back to the place and then do a more detailed review – but that never really works out!

So I’ve decided to report back on restaurants that I try out, irrespective of it not being comprehensive. I’ll just give you my honest (obvs!) first impression. I’ll tell you what I thought about the vibe, the crowd, the service, and the food.

Let me know what you think of this idea?

Meanwhile, let me begin with Kitchen Garden by Suzette in Bandra.

Real Girl Reviews Kitchen Garden

Real Girl Reviews Kitchen Garden

So this one’s been on my list for a while because a friend had recommended it. Only problem? I’m not a huge fan of overpriced organic food that may or may not be tasty. (You know I’ll always say it as it is!)

This weekend, I managed to drag myself out on a sunny Saturday to go check the place out finally.

My first impression is that it’s hella cute! It’s pastel colours and garden vibe fit right in with my relaxed weekend mood. It was full inside so my friend and I had to wait out for a few minutes. But they were very quick to arrange a table for us, and very courteous while we waited too.

Real Girl Reviews Kitchen Garden

Real Girl Reviews Kitchen Garden

The crowd here is as hipster as it gets. I spotted expats and celebrity designers, and lot more model-types I wouldn’t know the name of. Everyone was lounging about in linens and whites, sans makeup. I don’t know why this information is important to you. But I’m trying to paint a picture here – so stay with me!

The menu has only organic food with an array of options like salads, sandwiches, soups, desserts, and juices. Needless to say, it’s limiting for a vegetarian but both of us found things we’d like to try.

You have to go up to the counter yourself and place your order, which I feel is a little contrary to the relaxed vibe of the place. You know? The whole decide what you want and then stand in line to order – doesn’t fit the scenario. Or maybe I’m just being lazy. Very, very likely.

The food arrived soon and was very Instagram worthy, if I might add! My Greek salad looked (and tasted) super fresh. It had a giant block of feta cheese – perhaps the best I’ve ever had. The salad was deceptively large and pretty filling on the whole. My friend’s red bean hummus sandwich was delicious too! I’d rate the restaurant very high on taste and quality.


Real Girl Reviews Kitchen Garden


Real Girl Reviews Kitchen Garden



The prices are on the higher side though. My salad came up to Rs 400 after taxes. This also explains the very eclectic and well behaved crowd; it is obviously attracting a certain demographic.

Personally, I liked the place. Nice addition to the hood. I will go back for some berry panna cotta that I had to forgo because I was feeling full. I’m one of those people who feels very accomplished when I eat a healthy meal. I also feel superior to other people for that one day. True Story! (Real Girl Fun Fact #461))

So, to summarize, I’ll go back – but not when I have more month left at the end of my money!

Real Girl Reviews Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Garden by Suzette Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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#RealGirlReview: Parathas Just Became Hipster!

Real Girl x Parathawala

If you want to take the shortest trip ever to Delhi via your senses, just order in from Parathawala – a delivery based service in Bandra, Khar, and Santacruz.

Real Girl x Parathawala

The parathas came in neat pizza style packaging and I totally loved the hygiene factor (big plus point) and individual wrapping. Special mention for the very hipster labels on them. I like some quirk with my food, thank you very much. 🙂

The Spinach and Cheese Paratha: I’m one of those people who is averse to anything too healthy. The fact that spinach was merged with cheese inside a yummy paratha made me feel pretty darn good about my health choices. Also, I ate spinach. Hence, I’m strong now. Honestly, that is logic you really can’t argue with. So don’t mess with me. Okay?

Real Girl x Parathawala

The Chicken Paratha: As you already know, I’m a vegetarian. But the boy in my life would eat you if he had the chance, so obviously the chicken paratha was for him. He loved it. He described it as a minced tandoori chicken- filled spicy delicacy…or something like that. So I’m just going to take his word for it.

The Garlic Laccha Paratha: Now this one was a real winner for me. There was just something about the taste of this. It sounds so boring, no? Garlic Laccha -bas, nothing else. But it had just the right amount of garlic which sat well with my palate; very much reminding me of food at my Nani’s house in Delhi.

Real Girl x Parathawala

The real winner though was the Makhni Dal that came along with the parathas. Oh-My-God. I’m salivating as I think of it – that’s how good it was. Every two parathas come with Dahi (that I don’t care much for) and this heavenly dal (that I could basically consume for all meals).

Real Girl x Parathawala

The pièce de résistance though would be the Nutella Paratha. I’m a major Nutella fan and could totally have it with everything! So for me, loving this was a no brainer. If anything, i’d stuff more Nutella into it – but that’s just me. Even if you’re not a big fan of mixing chocolate with your food – just try this once. You know – for kicks!

Real Girl x Parathawala

Overall, the only thing I’d like to change is the salt content. Perhaps, they could go lighter on the salt. Apart from that, I thought it’s such a great (and economical) option if you’re looking for a home-delivered wholesome meal. Also, they have some super quirky flavour options. I will report back after trying some more…oh, I’m definitely trying some more.






Parathawala Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Tatami Review: Did Real Girl Take To Japanese Food?

I’m not sure when Japanese food became famous, but somewhere between my obsession with pasta and paneer makhni, it did. And since then there’s been an influx of restaurants offering Japanese food and making sushi the in thing.

Now I know what you’re thinking…

Japanese food? Isn’t that for non vegetarians only?

Apparently and delightfully not!

I recently went to Tatami in Bandra. I had heard really good things about it and had also been to the Japanese restaurant formerly at that venue, Kofuku. (Kofuku still exists by the way, it has now shifted to the same building as Bandra Shoppers Stop.)

When I walked into Tatami located in the KFC building on Linking Road (above Bar Stock Exchange) I was a little perplexed as it looked exactly like its former establishment Kofuku. I thought my mind was playing games on me, but then I asked my friends who were with me and they confirmed my thoughts. So while the ambience is pleasing – in an oriental sort of way, it’s not way out of the ordinary. They welcome you with a loud gong as you walk through the doors which can be a little alarming and amusing at the same time.

Real Girl Eats At Tatami

Real Girl Eats At Tatami

We proceeded to an empty table. At 8pm, most of the restaurant was empty so we could choose whichever one we pleased. But in an hour the restaurant was buzzing and the vibe picked up.

I have only tried veg sushi a couple of times in my life, and was excited to explore more. Luckily this time we were in good company, and the friends we were with had sampled a lot of Japanese food before and therefore made some great recommendations.

Real Girl Eats At Tatami

For drinks I went in for a white wine Sangria and the boy settled for a Bira (his new love). My friend ordered a saké  and I was excited to try it because somehow I had never before. I learnt that you could even opt for a warm saké, but thankfully she went in for a normal one. Imagine having warm alcohol…well actually we do have flaming shots…clearly, I digress.

For starters we tried two different vegetarian sushis (wait, what’s the plural of sushi? Is it sushii?)

And the non vegetarians amongst us went in for crab meat sushi and some chicken on skewers – if I’m not wrong it was called Yaki tori.

The food and drinks came within no time and I must admit – they looked gooooood.

Real Girl Eats At Tatami

The Tatami Vegetarian Roll was a burst of flavours in my mouth and is the number one thing I’d recommend to anyone going to this restaurant. Oh, and I was totally brave and loaded it with Wasabi too – because as the old saying goes; ‘when in Japan…test the strength of your nostrils.’

Real Girl Eats At Tatami

The Kyuri Wrapped Roll was also nice but was heavy on the cucumber taste, so avoid if that’s not your thing. It had a cream cheese filling which was light and lovely.

The soft shell crab roll was crunchy and full of flavours and the non vegetarians couldn’t stop raving about it. Their grilled chicken skewers (Yaki Tori) were spicy and gone in 2 minutes, which I will take as a good sign.

Real Girl Eats At Tatami

Real Girl Eats At Tatami

I had no clue saké comes in a little cup like that. It’s almost like a shot glass – it’s a shot cup. But you can’t have it like a shot. You have to have it slowly, like sip on it. It reminded me of being in Nepal and we had this drink called Raksi along with our meal which was pretty damn potent. This one, I’m not so sure since I only had a sip. I liked the taste though – maybe I’ll be daring enough to order one for myself next time.

By the way, the staff at Tatami is super helpful so in case you’re confused about what to order or what will go with which dish, just ask them. We were asking them lots of questions and they were patient and responsive.

Real Girl Eats At Tatami

The sangria was average so I’d skip that if I were you.

Honestly, I was already pretty full at this point but how could I pass the chance to have authentic Japanese mains?

Real Girl Eats At Tatami

The vegetarians at the table ordered a Katsu Curry with sticky rice. (Btw, the menu doesn’t show Katsu curry as a veg option at all – we just asked them if it was available and they obliged to make a veg version.) Now the first flavour that hits you when you try Katsu curry is Maggi. It’s like the Maggi gravy but a little smoked with veggies inside. I know this sounds like it wouldn’t be all that great – but it was! It was like soul food. The kind you need if you failed an exam, or got dumped, or are missing home. You have to try it – get the non veg variants if you like.

Real Girl Eats At Tatami

Veg tempura (Japanese bhajiya) came with one of the mains and I devoured it. I’m certain I’d never eat those veggies if they weren’t fried.

Real Girl Eats At TatamiThe non vegetarians ordered some Korean Fried Chicken with Teppanyaki fried rice. The rice was veg and yummers! They said their chicken was super too. At this point, I’m too stuffed to ask them more questions and quietly take their word for it.

Real Girl Eats At Tatami

Besides, our takeaway from the night was unanimous – the food here is excellent.

It’s really one of those places that checks all the boxes in terms of quality, quantity, presentation, service, etc.

I found the restaurant well priced too. I guess you should always go to such places with a group so that you can try multiple interesting things instead of ordering one thing and sticking to it whether you like it or not. (Though to be fair, there’s nothing we didn’t like!)

The owner/manager was really talking up their dessert menu but we owed it to our systems to stop eating. Who knew sushi could be so filling? I was legit stuffed! It could also be because I had one more glass of wine as well, but whatever – technicalities!

I’m definitely going back to Tatami though, I have officially been converted!

Tatami Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Real Girl Eats At Tea Villa Cafe

Hi guys, sorry it’s been a while since there’s been a restaurant review. I do plan to up my game in May! For now, here’s a super quick one I’ve been meaning to upload for a while now.

There’s been a buzz about this Tea Villa Cafe place ever since it opened in Bandra (Hill Road, Opposite Globus) and I had been wanting to go check it out. I love all these cutesy tea/coffee places cropping up all over the city. So I finally got my chance on an extremely hot day a few weeks ago.

I was out and about shooting on the streets of Bandra (as one does) and around 1 pm I was hungrier than I could bear. So Niharika (awesome girl who was clicking me that day) and I sauntered into Tea Villa Cafe hoping to have a chilled out lunch. Our hopes were crushed the minute we walked in even though it’s pretty cute and everything. Why was it so crowded? Was there any place to sit at all? Why are there so many people? Don’t they have work? It’s a weekday!  *Ironic; coming from us*

IMG_5571 web


Anyway, we found a table right by the window and waited patiently for someone to notice us. This happened in due course of time, and two menus were thrust upon us. Now if you were reading this review to know how the tea is over there, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Real Girl ain’t havin’ no tea when Imma be boiling in the heat.

IMG_5572 web

IMG_5565 web

I went straight to the cold beverage section and looked longingly at the names of these smoothies, iced teas and shakes. Of course, I went in for a cold coffee. You know…because coffee love is greater than any other love.

Unfortunately though, they didn’t have too many options within cold coffee. I found this a bit off-putting. Why can’t a girl customize her coffee?

By this point, I’m irritable because no one is coming to take our order! I had to go up to the counter and speak to them to ask what the problem was. (They genuinely seemed to be short staffed and I felt bad doing this, but I didn’t have all day!)

The food menu was very vast. I didn’t expect it to be. Given that this is supposedly just a cafe. They have mains. Like pastas and sizzlers and the works.

I went in for a peri peri hummus wrap and my friend went in for hummus and pita.

Our order reached us soon enough and we devoured our light lunch. My wrap was actually kind of awesome. I find that most places don’t get peri peri flavour right, especially in hummus. But here, the wrap was super spicy. No seriously, like I needed tissues to wipe my nose and everything. Was that TMI?

IMG_5587 web

Anyway, she liked her hummus too. (Presentation Skills; On Point!)  The coffee was regular cold coffee but nothing to write home about. It was not rich. It was however frothy and light.

IMG_5589 web


IMG_5582 web

But wait! I had heard the waffles here are amazing. 

Inside my brain: Oh damn! Now I remember. I have to try them! Besides, there’s a full page dedicated to waffles. If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is!

Even though we are kind of almost full – intentionally having had a light lunch so we can work after without feeling sick – I ordered the waffles.

I regret this because we were really too full and I don’t regret it at all because they were the most amazingly decadent waffles I’ve ever had. Like, ever. I ordered the Nutella waffles and they were divine! Seriously, I’m not a waffles kind of person. I didn’t know what people were on about…until now! These waffles were so good, I wanted to take ‘em home.  I meant to say that in a playboy/naughty way…but the truth is I really got them parcelled.

IMG_5594 web

My mood about this place had changed a whole lot! To add to this, they got the bill in an instant and they packed the waffles neatly and hygienically (in a cute bag and everything). Want to know the biggest plus? I found the place to be quite reasonable.

I concluded that I’m totes going to go back there. We’ll just have to hire a person to stand there and let us know when it’s not crowded. Because, clearly, that’s the only choice.


I’m coming for you Nutella Waffles! 🙂



Tea Villa Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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